In our increasingly digital lives, the handwritten note is getting lost. With Hamburg agency Demodern, I helped create an app that connects the stroke of a pen to a smartphone or tablet.

The Montblanc Hub app was developed for business professionals who need to be productive on the go. They now have the option to digitize, edit, translate, and share their handwritten notes with a simple touch.

Designed for the latest iOS and Android phones and tablets, the Montblanc Hub app connects personal devices, Montblanc Hub and Montblanc Starwalker writing instruments. The pen captures the words and transmits them via Bluetooth to the augmented paper app. 

As the UX lead, one of my chief tasks was adapting and refining the existing app to better suit Montblanc's high-value customers in the luxury market. After six intense weeks, we unveiled a solution that brings the natural ease of note taking into the digital world. Because the best ideas are still handwritten.

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