An immersive, VR shopping experience for the home.

With some ideas, you have to build it before anyone thinks to ask for it. During my time at Hamburg agency Demodern, we looked at the digital retail experience and wanted to improve it. So we developed a way for customers to see products they liked in their chosen environment without leaving the couch.

Loftshift is a stunningly rendered, customizable space for customers to shop with a new level of confidence. They define the room, time of day, even ambient sounds. Then they choose the products, textiles, and colors they’d like to see. A pine bookcase here, a handmade rug there. It all comes to life with a few simple head movements and hand gestures.

Loftshift was my first VR project, and I learned a great deal about designing in three dimensions. I also explored the way people behaved in virtual reality, which allowed me refine the final product and the customer experience. I worked closely with a professional interior designer who created the stunning 360° room views. Particular attention was given to realistic details like lighting, surface reflections and textile elements.

Our focus was home furnishings, but the concept can be scaled out to most retail sectors. With IKEA now trialing the platform, the humble catalog will never be the same.